Have Faith
Have Faith

Have Faith

What’s true faith?

Soren Kierkegaard, in his book “Fear and Trembling” write on the subject of faith, though he focuses on faith in God. He uses many variations on God’s command to Abraham to sacrifice his son. Many of us would surely resist and, in fact, reject a god asking us to kill our sons, but Abraham’s faith was strong enough that he realized there must be just cause and reason for God to ask for such a sacrifice. Of course, God spared Abraham’s son’s life after God witnessed Abraham’s true faith.

You may or may not be religious or buy-in to this story. Even if you are religious, you may or may not take Abraham’s story literally. In either case, such strong belief beyond reason is admirable, though it borders on insanity.

Why is this important? Well, because once we set a big goal, one others doubt and deem impossible, we hear and see many obstacles that aim to detract us from reaching it. In fact, many of the pleas to change course may seem rational, but it’s that “gut feeling,” the true faith in a destiny that will keep you correctly aimed at your target.

I recently wrote about setting your BHAG. Since then, I’ve heard from both promoters and detractors. It seems the detractors object the loudest and seem to sound most reasonable. When people learn I KNOW I’ll be employed by September 14, they ask me why did I choose this date. I didn’t choose this date, it just felt right to me. I’ve heard objections in the form of “it’s too aggressive a goal,” that I should plan for alternatives if I’m “unable to meet the goal,” or that in this economy you can’t set goals.

My response is an unequivocal “watch me!” I can feel the goal’s validity, though others’ rational thoughts may point the opposite. I know it in my bones to be true. There are no alternative plans since there’s no need for them.

My recommendation for you is to do the same. Have faith in your dreams, no matter what obstacles are thrown your way or how impossible they may seem to attain. Forget the detractors and focus on your belief. Whatever you believe, your mind will work to find your road to reach it.

Just have faith!

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