Innovative Statistics
Innovative Statistics

Innovative Statistics

It seems an oxymoron, but statistic analysis can be exciting through innovative and eye-opening presentation. I recently read about Hans Rosling, professor of global health at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. After reading about his work and noting that some of his presentations were on YouTube, I checked them out.

WOW! That was my first thought. You should watch the “Hans Rosling: No more boring data: TEDTalks” on YouTube. You too will have the same reaction.

After watching this, I thought about the previous post on this blog, Missing the Forest for the Fire. In that entry I wrote about our new economy and argued that the recession was a necessary cycle to help clear the ground for new ventures. in fact, this fits in with our new economy of thrift and creativity, which had no room in how we conducted business just a year ago.

This is the key of the post today: creativity. Hans’ method of analyzing and displaying data is creative. He’s not looking at any new data. It’s always been there. He has simply developed a new tool for bringing that data to life.

It is this same creativity that’s helping us leave the recession behind us. We’ll certainly find new ways of conducting business, with or without any new regulations. In the end though, business is still business. Our creativity comes into play in how we can benefit from this new environment.

So, ignore the nay-sayers and think creatively on how to manage your business, gain new clients, develop new products and services, or your job search approach. Soon you too will see a reference to your creative methods posted in blogs across the world.

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