Flexibility Outside of the Gym
Flexibility Outside of the Gym

Flexibility Outside of the Gym

I met with a senior executive at a local health science company this past week. I told him about my plans looking for employment in health care and my BHAG deadline of September 14.

I also shared the hard truth that my leads have dried up over the past few weeks.

He had one response, “be more flexible.”

I didn’t think much about this until I started my drive back home. I happened to have some time on my hands since it was a longer drive. I turned off the radio, made sure all of the windows were up, shut off my phone and reviewed our conversation.

Throughout the drive time that one phrase kept repeating in my head. I’ve operated with the singular thought of being employed by September 14. I’d believed I would be, but was beginning to have doubts. Then the idea hit me. It was so simple.

I’ve decided to enter health care since I like developing solutions that better people’s quality of life. What’s more, I know there are many changes coming down due to the passage of ARRA. I also know I bring the most value to a company where I can act as the agent of change, whether that’s a change in organizational structure or solutions the company provides. ARRA provides just such an opportunity for me to use my people-centric organizational, team building, and motivational skills in a health care organization.

However, health care is not the ONLY industry where these variables are present. Health insurance, insurance general agency, health sciences, health science tools, medical device manufacturing, even entertainment provide similar opportunities. I just have to be open to the idea of working in any of these. I have to be flexible.

Having a singular thought brings focus to one’s efforts, but flexibility reveals options.

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