Chest Out in Front Like a Shield
Chest Out in Front Like a Shield

Chest Out in Front Like a Shield

Did you read yesterday’s blog on being flexible? After I wrote and posted it, I thought about it some more. It led me to think all day today about how the prepared mind will seize upon an opportunity. More importantly, by insuring everyone’s aware what you’re looking for, and that you’re flexible, you can have opportunities land right in front of you.

I include a quote in my email signatures from Randy Pausch, Author of The Last Lecture that’s quite pertinent here, “If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself. The dreams will come to you.” That’s the crux of what I mean.

The idea is simple. If you pursue your dreams and let everyone know how your methods, thought process, value proposition is unique, the right opportunity will find you. What’s more, you can take those opportunities that aren’t right for you and recommend someone else for them.

Your ability to be able to reject or accept opportunities that come to you speaks to your confidence, your ability to push out your chest like a shield. You know how this feels. If you’re buying a car and you’ve fully researched what you want, how much it’s worth, and where you can buy it for the price you want to pay, then you can walk into an auto dealership fully confident that you’ll get exactly what you want. What’s more, everyone there will feel your confidence and respect you for it. They’ll likely cater to you as a result of it.

Your career and new business search are no different. If you research your field enough, your mind is prepared, you walk and talk with confidence, then the whole world will listen mesmerized and you’ll have the opportunity you seek, not as something you’ll seek out, but presented to you.

So, drink the cool-aid and jet out your chest! It’s time to show confidence.

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