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This post is very short. It’s more of a thinking out loud on a blog.

I would love to have a system where I can review employee ratings of a company and its employees, services and products. The personal reviews of individuals would be similar to 360 reviews that companies conduct.

In fact, what if you outsource that whole 360 review process? Imagine a third-party service where you as a supervisor can quickly review responses from anyone your employees have worked with. You’ll likely no longer need to conduct annual reviews. A person’s strengths and weaknesses are always updated and online for you or the employee to review. You can then take that saved time and do some actual work.

Now, incorporate the ability for current and past employees to rate companies and you who a 360 system that a company can pay for and employees can use for free to determine their future with the firm. Those in the market can quickly research companies that are loved by their employees and each employee’s rating too will be posted. Then you’ll know what caliber of employees the company already employs. This’ll give you another layer of information about a company that you have to painstakingly gather now through individual interviews.

What do you think?

Does anyone know of such service?

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