Keep an Open Mind
Keep an Open Mind

Keep an Open Mind

I was reflecting this weekend on my BHAG to find an employer by September 14. If you read this blog regularly, you know I’ve not found an employer, but started my own company.

So, did I fail at reaching my BHAG?

I’m certainly not employed by a health care company or any other organization that provides services to increase people’s quality of life. What’s more, as a business owner I may not make much money from the onset. So, I’m not really generating any revenue right away and, as a result, I have no real initial income for my investment.

However, I KNOW I’ve succeeded at my goal! Why? Simply, had I not set the BHAG to find work in less time than the well known averages, I wouldn’t have gone through the transformation I did to help me realize my priorities. I couldn’t know what my wants and needs were and how I could fulfill them by becoming an entrepreneur.

There are other reasons I believe I’ve succeeded. I’ve not yet announced the nature of my new venture, nor our services, but I can tell you that the services are targeted to improve people’s quality of life. This fits in with my BHAG. Also, I started the business approximately two weeks ago. A week ahead of the BHAG schedule.

I’ve gained other things in the process. I’ve become a master of my own destiny. Whether my business succeeds or fails will solely depend on me. However, I certainly don’t intend to fail, and, if and when I do, I’ll act as the child falling many times while learning to walk: I’ll pick up and try again, with no loss of enthusiasm and no confusion as to what I must and will do.

I encourage you then to set extraordinary goals and tell yourself every day that you’ve already achieved them in the future. Your mind will then think of a way to reach that goal. It will pave the way to your success.

This next point is important: Be sure to keep open to your subconscious mind’s suggestions. Sometimes they’ll seem wacky and as though they don’t fit, but consider them. They may very well take you on “The Road Less Travelled,” but one that’ll help you reach your destination faster, better, and more satisfied. If they’re completely off the wall and force you to loose focus, then recycle them like yesterday’s paper and make room for something new.

I’ll reiterate this as it is the most important point: Whatever you wish to achieve in life, always start by setting your BHAG and develop a plan to achieve it, knowing full well that you will.

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