Bloggers to Follow
Bloggers to Follow

Bloggers to Follow

I’ve been following some bloggers over the last couple of months that I wanted to share with you:

Seth Godin’s Blog: Seth’s a marketing guy. He writes well and has been doing it for sometime now. He’s sold almost all of his last 10 books based on social networking. Rather, he’s given away the content of his books, but sold the books as souvenirs. He has some interesting ideas on how to use social media to sell products and services.

Chris Brogan’s Blog: I recently saw Chris after learning about him on Twitter. He’s a social media “rock star.” He’s one of the most soft-spoken, yet knowledgeable social media guys I’ve met. Incidentally, he just published his book Trust Agents (Amazon link).

Steve Kaye’s Blog: A family friend recommended I follow Steve’s blog when I became unemployed in May 2009. I subscribed to his Blog soon after and commented on his blog a few times. He covers management and motivational leadership topics. Much of what he writes is common sense that we sometimes forget as a result of how we complicate our work and personal lives.

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