Nothing’s Impossible
Nothing’s Impossible

Nothing’s Impossible

Where would women be if Susan B. Anthony had believed that getting women the right to vote was impossible?

Nothing’s impossible!

I had a conversation about business start ups with some friends recently. We spoke about all the reasons we give for not starting a company. They’re all thought barriers that we erect after hearing it spoken by so many people. “You need money to start a business.” “More than half start ups fails within the first three years.” “You don’t have the right skills to run a company.”

These excuses are nothing more than crutches we lean on to help us justify why we don’t wish to change the status quo. They’re crutches that hinder us from becoming independent, forever preventing us from realizing our dreams…if we listen to them.

What if Jeff Bezos, founder of, had listened to any of these thoughts?

I don’t think the term impossible should be eradicated from the English language, though it would be interesting to see what effect this has on our dreams. Rather, I think everytime we hear someone say something’s impossible, the word “impossible” should act as a cattle prod applied to our forehead. We should immediately feel uncomfortable, come to our senses and ask HOW to make that thing possible.

How can I get the money to start a company? How can I find the necessary skills to run the company? How can I insure my company doesn’t fail?

Asking yourself these questions will only help you prepare your mind to find the answers, whether found directly or through apparent serendipity.

How are you making it possible to achieve your dreams?

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