Dare To See The Future
Dare To See The Future

Dare To See The Future

How do you insure you’re successful at achieving your dream?

Following Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich (Amazon link), I recommend the following five step process:

  1. Define Your Goal: Write your goals on a piece of paper, looking forward at your future without any encumbrance of the past.
  2. Own Your Thoughts: Take ownership of every thoughts, actions, and their consequences. Starting today, don’t blame anyone for anything. Realize that everything that everyone claims “happened to them” was really a consequence of their thoughts and actions. So, decide what you want to think and have. Then do it.
  3. Envision the Future as Today’s Reality: Feel what it feels like to have the house, the family, the business you want. Tell yourself you’ve already achieved the future. Do this enough times so that you believe it the same way you believe the sun will come up from the east and set in the west. This is no different than envisioning the basketball going into the hoop, successfully bench pressing 275 lbs, completing the marathon, or cooking that perfect souffle right before you do it. Envision the full experience and your mind won’t let you fail.
  4. Write Your Plan: As you begin to envision and believe with all of your heart that you’ve already achieved your dream, your mind will stop giving excuses of why it can’t be done and pave the road of HOW it can be done. Write this down. It’ll come to you in bits and pieces, but it’ll come. This is your success plan.
  5. Review, Review, Review: Every morning, before you begin your day, read your plan and envision what it feels like to have already achieved your dreams. Do this every day. See, smell, and feel what it’ll mean to succeed. Do this again before you go to sleep.

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