No Job? Don’t Bet the Farm, Read Ryon Harms
No Job? Don’t Bet the Farm, Read Ryon Harms

No Job? Don’t Bet the Farm, Read Ryon Harms

I agree! That’s probably one of the cheesier titles I’ve used to attract attention, but it’s for a good reason: I’m writing about a fellow blogger who focuses on those in search of work.

Specifically, I’m referring to Ryon Harms (LinkedIn profile link) and his blog The Social Executive. I met Ryon last week at SoTeC 2009. He was one of the presenters at the event. He and I also spoke during a roundtable about the future of social media. He told me about his blog and how he conceived it.

When he first started out looking for work last year, he was uncertain of the job market. He didn’t know the best method to approach it, but he decided to use social media. In fact, he started his blog writing about the type of work he’d like to do. In the process he also learned a lot about using social media for networking and job search. He later decided to dedicate his blog to it.

I started reading his blog this week. I went back to postings from earlier in the year and found something very interesting and important. He receives many comments outside of the blog, about the topics he covers, that he later addresses in the blog. In other words, he’s taking the offline communication and bringing it online for full disclosure and betterment of his readers. He’s actually having a conversation with his readers and representing their concerns in a fair and legitimate way.

Ryon covers such topics as why your resume is dead without a blog, how to get your value across to a hiring manager in 15 seconds or less, and how to search for jobs on Twitter. All sound like good subjects.

You may recall I wrote a few months back about how Something Wonderful is Happening online with the likes of Tim Tyrell-Smith and his SpinStrategy blog. He’s another blogger that focuses on tips for the job seeker based on his recent past experience in the market. So, I’m adding Ryon’s name as one of two people you should read as you gear up for your search.

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