Get Out of Your Way
Get Out of Your Way

Get Out of Your Way

Is there really a wrong way when it comes to convincing yourself to take the first step toward success?

I’ve heard hundreds of reasons why people don’t take that first step:

  • I don’t have enough money to live a happy life.
  • I don’t know anybody. How can I even begin to meet someone?
  • I’ve never done that job – I don’t have any idea where to begin.
  • I don’t look like that model. There’s no way I can find the girl (or guy) that’s attracted to me.

On and on come the reasons why a path someone suggests, or one we think we need to take, is the wrong way. In the end, we’re just placing obstacles on our own path to success, whether it’s in making the monthly sales numbers, starting your business, or finding the love of your life.

The only wrong way is the way you don’t take. So long as you keep an open mind and you’re willing to change, you can’t go wrong. If you don’t know how to make a sale, don’t freeze and decide it’s not for you. Try it. Accept that you’ll likely initially fail. I’m not saying set yourself up for failure, but just accept that you will.

It’s good to fail early and often since you quickly learn from those early mistakes, when you’re lesser known and when it doesn’t matter as much. Losing the $10k or $20k sales gigs pales in comparison to making the $10M or $20M deals. Just know that you’ll make those larger deals BECAUSE you made your mistakes early.

So, get out of your own way. Forget about all the reasons why you can’t, shouldn’t, or wouldn’t start something. Just start it. If you find an obstacle, don’t give up. Ask yourself and others how you can get around, climb over, or obliterate it, as I suggested in this earlier post: Nothing’s Impossible.

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