TheMarq’s Comment Publishing Policy Change
TheMarq’s Comment Publishing Policy Change

TheMarq’s Comment Publishing Policy Change


Policy Change

As you may know, I’d opened up TheMarq for open commenting without moderation.  However, I noticed today that there were comments posted that were not only inappropriate and unprofessional, but also unrelated to the topic.  The comments were purely self-promoting with links to the author’s sites. 

I don’t oppose if you decide to refer to your site or blog.  In fact, I encourage it. I only ask that you keep your posts relevant to the post and leave out profanity.

I’ve now setup comment moderation on the site.  Rest assured, I don’t intend to shut off the conversation between us, but to only moderate comments that are profane or unrelated to the subject.  Whether you agree or disagree with my posts, your comments denoting your stance will still be published.  I only ask that you keep them professional.

UPDATE (2009.11.06)

As you can see, I couldn’t bear to continue moderating the blog comments.  The moderations only lasted a few days.  You can now, once again, openly comment on the site.  After speaking with another blogger, Mendel Yano of The Golf Student blog, I saw I was harming more than helping the site readers.  However, I’ll continue monitoring in order to both answer your comments and remove those that don’t fit the general etiquette I’ve described here.  In this way, you’ll see your posts and others can benefit from your comments right away .  I apologize for these two rapid fire changes and I thank you for you patience as I fine-tune the site.

If you’re not sure what’s proper blogging etiquette, please visit Chris Brogan’s post on the subject, Etiquette in the Age of Social Media

I apologize for this change to the site’s policy.  I hope you understand and continue to post your relevant comments.

What Do You Think?

You may or may not agree with this policy change on the site.  You’re welcome to email me or comment directly below about it.

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