Thinking is Overrated
Thinking is Overrated

Thinking is Overrated

Inspirational Thought

SkeletonIt seems counter-intuitive that I start off a post with such a title when writing an inspirational thought.  It may even seem more bewildering  using a seated skeleton image at the top of this post! 

Not a good start?  Bear with me.

I don’t believe thinking is overrated when action follows it.  However, thinking in and of itself, without action, leads to an intellectualized life filled with missed opportunities and disappointments.

To put it more positively, I believe the road to a fulfilling life is abundant with thoughtful actions.  This theme is repeated by many authors and leaders.  I keep going back to Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich (Amazon link) where you learn that every business goal and venture, every wealth dream is possible only if you follow it with plans put to action. 

So, think about your dreams, your goals, what you want to do each day, then draw up a plan, actually write it down AND, most importantly, act on this plan every day.  Simply thinking about what great dreams you have and what it will feel like to achieve those dreams is not enough. 

Fear of failure may be holding you back.  By this I mean, thinking about all the obstacles you may encounter, prevents you from taking action.  Realize this is a self-fulfilling prophecy: your fear is preventing you from acting, which means you’ll never reach that dream, but you will fulfill your fear of failure. 

However, taking action on a plan, especially if you find that your plan doesn’t get you there, insures that you know what will.  By eliminating one path to your final destination, you’re one step closer to it. 

What can you do right now? STOP JUST THINKING and make those calls, go out to meet people that you can help connect with others, do whatever is necessary to make yourself available through emails, phone calls, in-person meetings, writing a business plan and executing it, blogging, blog commenting, or taking a class to get you one step closer to where you want and need to be.

In short, seize the day and take action!

What Do You Think?

What’s holding you back?  Feel free to share them here or email them to me.  I’ll be happy to work through your blocks with you and help you however I can.

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