Topic Changes for TheMarq
Topic Changes for TheMarq

Topic Changes for TheMarq

SoloSax Site Policy

I mentioned in a post last week that I was reconsidering the topics and format of information covered on this site. 

I’ve now come up with a new set of topics.  Some of them are the same as before but covered on a different day, while others have been dropped or changed slightly. 

Also, note that you can now view articles by topic from your left navigation.

Here are the new topics: 

  • Mondays: Business Strategies
    This is one of my favorite subjects.  I’ll continue to cover service and product delivery, team building, productivity and general business problem solving strategies under this topic.
  • Tuesdays: Inspirational Thought / Motivational
    These are thoughts that help me stay motivated at work. I hope they have the same effect on you.  They may range from thoughts on famous quotes to ideas on how to change your perspective for the better.
  • Wednesdays: Free Forum / Guest Author

    Wednesdays will be open for any topic outside of the other pre-selected items.  This gives me the flexibility to choose whatever piques my interest, as well as provide me with an avenue to deliver to you a different perspective from other bloggers.  For example, I may repost someone’s blog entry that I found interesting or ask a guest writer to blog on the site. 

    NOTE: In case you’re interested in becoming a guest writer, feel free to email me.  My full contact information is under the profile section of the site navigation to the left.

  • Thursdays: Technology Review
    I’ll continue to learn of new tools, develop new processes, and discover others online and write about them. 

  • Fridays: The Optimist’s Perspective
    I figured Fridays is a good day to post an optimist’s perspective on life and business so that you leave for the weekend with some positive thoughts to recharge and come back to work ready to start the week.  And what better way to start the week than to read the Monday Business Strategies blog entries!  😉

What Do You Think?

Feel free to weigh in on the topics I wish to cover by commenting below.


  1. Unknown


    Thank you for the input. I assume by "current climate" you're referring to the current business climate in terms of hirings, new projects and initiatives, mood, and so forth. These I can certainly cover based on my business dealings.

    I'm not sure I'm quite qualified to write about economics, aside from what I've learned in business school and apply at work. I'll certainly cover the topic when I can to the extent I understand it.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

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