Attrition is Yesterday’s Worries
Attrition is Yesterday’s Worries

Attrition is Yesterday’s Worries

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In the last few Business Strategies posts, I’ve shared with you my thoughts about how the use of positive reinforcement increases morale and your employees’ perspective of management.

For this week’s post, I’d promised to discuss how the positive reinforcement in your office will affect your organization’s reputation.  You may be asking how your actions in your organization can affect your image outside. 

As your organization grows, you’ll likely search for new talent.  Your employees and coworkers are often your first source for this.  Who better to ask for a reference than your trusted coworkers? 

Likely, your treatment of your employees is something they’ve mentioned to their families and friends.  As a result, you have created a demand for potential future employees who are eager to have the same positive experience that’s so rare in the business world.  In fact, experience shows that managers in such firms seldom need to search for new talent, since many prospective employees seek out positions in the firm as a result of the buzz the managers have created through their actions.

What’s more, the use of positive reinforcement leads to higher employee satisfaction and lower attrition rate.  I’ve seen this in practice where within a three-year period, we had a 35% increase in number of employees, and an 8% attrition rate.  The attrition included employees who were dismissed or left of their own volition, that is, everyone who ever left the company.  That’s a number many managers wish they could tout.

What’s the lesson? You can’t loose by practicing positive reinforcement at your work.

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