How I Almost Dumped the CLIQ: Review – Part 3
How I Almost Dumped the CLIQ: Review – Part 3

How I Almost Dumped the CLIQ: Review – Part 3

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Talk about trials and tribulations! I’ve now used the CLIQ for three weeks.  Each week brings new surprises and interesting twists.  This last week I almost got rid of the device.  Read on, you may find a surprise.

Last weekend, the keyboard lights went out.  The only way they would work was when I pressed the ALT key.  The ALT works the same way as the ALT key on your computer keyboard. It makes the alternate numbers and characters on the keyboard available.

As you can imagine, I couldn’t use the keyboard at night.  I was a bit frustrated.  Add to that the other issues with Bluetooth, how heavy it is, the system’s full crash forcing my to do a full reset, and I was ready to trade in or just go back to my Blackberry.  I’d heard about the new Nexus One (Android phone that Google will sell directly starting on January 5) .  So, I thought in the worst case I’d wait for the gPhone. 

In any case, I researched the issue online and found that some of the new CLIQs had defective keyboards.  Either they didn’t make good contact, preventing the users from typing anything, or the lights went out.  So, I decided to exchange the phone.  To T-Mobile’s credit, I took the phone back and they changed it on the spot at the store.  It helps that California insures we have 30 days to return or exchange a newly purchased phone.

In any case, I exchanged my phone. I’m glad to report, the Bluetooth, keyboard lights, nor full system crash issues have haunted me since.  It may very well be that I had a lemon.  Time will tell. 

Stay tuned!

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