Ask for Criticism With a Smile
Ask for Criticism With a Smile

Ask for Criticism With a Smile

The Optimist’s Perspective

Everytime someone talks about providing criticism I can’t help but think how the other person took it.  Were they open to the criticism or did they become defensive when hearing it?  Did they leave the session feeling deflated or empowered?

Smile I’m here to tell you why it’s great to get criticism.  Not only that, we should seek it out, offering only a smile in response as we thank our critic for their helpful input.  This is true for the individual or a company.

Think about it: would you rather have customers that are silent or vocal?  Would you prefer they told you all the things you need to change with your services or products to help your sales?  The latter should be your choice since your customers are telling you how you can improve your products and services so they would buy more of it.  In fact, they are interested in these products or services, else they would have voted with their silence and dollars by spending their money elsewhere.  In fact, the silent customers are giving your competitors their input on how they can make their products and services better than yours.

On a personal level, the same holds true.  It’s often people that care about our well-being that give us criticism.  They are interested in seeing us improve on who we already are and the qualities we already have. 

You may not agree with the methods that your critiques recommend, but you can take the criticism as a sign of what needs to change or become better.  Then take whatever steps you think are necessary to be the better company or person you always thought you could be.

Overall, don’t avoid the criticism and, instead, think of it as a positive experience. Embrace it.  Know that if you listen with an open mind, you just may learn how to better sell your products or services, find that new opportunity, become more attractive to the opposite sex, or be a more likable person.

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