Don’t Loose Your Dinosaur
Don’t Loose Your Dinosaur

Don’t Loose Your Dinosaur

Random Thoughts

I had the misfortune of watching the latter half of Stepbrothers tonight, or may be it was fortunate that I did.  I’ve been running dry on subject ideas for this blog.  Over the past few weeks I’ve spent time with family on a snowboarding trip and visited CES in Las Vegas, searching for business ideas.  I learned quite a lot on these trips, but nothing coalesced when I opened my editor to write.

What was so interesting about the movie Stepbrothers that compelled me to write tonight?  I heard a line that caught my attention: “Don’t loose your dinosaur.”  It was a reference to never growing and giving up on your childhood dreams.  The moment you tell yourself you have to be serious, do the adult thing to earn money, then come back to being a dinosaur is the moment of no return. 

Even if you do go back to learning to be what you dreamt of being as a child, you’ve forgotten what gave you joy.  May be it was the creativity of making up stories and reenacting scenarios.  May be it was the way you could dream big with no boundaries and loose yourself to the envisioning of success.

Why do we give up on that creativity?  Why do we have to think only in concrete terms?Surely there are ways to think about boundaries and then what happens beyond those boundaries. 

My challenge tonight is to think about MY dinosaur.  Can I still remember what it was?  What made me dream endless hours?  What made me envision that ideal world? How will I find my dinosaur? What will I do with it when I do?  Will I still enjoy it with my clouded adult mind?  Will I use it in the same creative way I did as a child?

What I know is that we all search for our dinosaur at some point in our lives.  The fact that I am searching tells me I haven’t found it yet, but also that I have eliminated one more that’s not what is rightfully mine.  So, I’m one step closer still to that dinosaur of mine.

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