Twitter is Irrelevant
Twitter is Irrelevant

Twitter is Irrelevant

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That’s right! I think Twitter is as relevant as a stock ticker symbol.  Soon there’ll be nothing left of Twitter and its services other than a background service that we all take for granted.  The likes of Facebook and Google, the big boys in technology, have already begun to encroach on the microblogging space.

What’s interesting is how many different services have bubbled up as a result of Twitter.  No doubt, Twitter has been the impetus for us to think different, to borrow a phrase from Apples’ marketing campaign from bygone years.  We’ve begun to rely on news and update sources other than the big media sources.  This is not the result of any one source of micro-blogging, but the consequence of democratic information dissemination that started long before with bulletin boards, the Internet, blogging, and their ilk.

Twitter will soon be as important as the stock ticker symbol on the bottom of the screen on the likes of MSNBC and CNN: a useful utility, but not worthy of any more attention or awe than sliced bread or electricity as they’ve become a part of our daily lives.  It’ll soon be a utility just like electricity, but living in the background and out of our immediate attention scope. 

Surely, they will hold their place in history as innovators, but I don’t foresee their continued existence as a destination site any more than how much mind cycles you spend on your electricity or cable service. 

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