Employee Retention: Managers Deliver on Promises
Employee Retention: Managers Deliver on Promises

Employee Retention: Managers Deliver on Promises

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If you’re new to this column, it is part of a continuing series on how to Insure Employee Retention.   We’ve so far explored how to mine for your employees’ goals, align them with the company’s, and show progress on a regular basis.

2010.03.29_Confident Today topic is on how to instill confidence in your team through your actions.  Once again, the idea seems simple at first, but can be time and mind-share consuming.  With each of your employees’ goals defined, you’ll setup regular meetings to get updates from them about their progress.  However, acting as a checkpoint guard or a task master is not enough.  You’ll need to actively search for means of finding the most efficient and effective way for the employees to reach their goals, while removing any blocks preventing their success or delaying them. 

That’s right.  It’s not just the employees who are working toward their goals, you are too!  Their goals become yours.  Once you understand their goals, you’ll need to keep a close eye for ways and means of accomplishing them more efficiently and effectively.  This may mean searching for and providing additional courses, in-house training, or brown-bag lunch events where team members teach each other about what they’re learning. 

2010.03.29_Detour For example, you may realize that an employee interested in management, but lacking verbal communication skills, can benefit from Toastmasters membership.  You’ll then need to approach him or her and provide this as an option with, where possible, funding for them to attend such clubs.  So that everyone in the organization benefits from it, you can propose that after completing a certification program with  Toastmasters, the lead start a company club and train others on the art of effective verbal communication.

2010.03.29_EndDetour Why would you do this? To demonstrate that you’re genuinely interested in the employee’s success.  There’s a wonderful side effect as well: so long as the employee and company goals are aligned, the faster they reach their goals, the sooner the company, you and the rest of the team will benefit from the rewards such as higher productivity, more efficiency, and overall improved employee satisfaction.  You’ll likely also get better customer satisfaction resulting from the better service your employees provide since they’re happier about their progress and they exude that vibrant force.

In summary, your goal as management is to instill confidence in your team that you too are fully invested in helping them achieve their goals.  You’ll be able to do this by continuously searching for ways of insuring your employees’ success in attaining their quarterly and annual goals, and removing any blocks that would prevent them from reaching them or delay their progress.

In the next post we’ll discuss how it’s necessary to end the pursuit of a goal, no matter what the results. 

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