What Feeds Feed Me
What Feeds Feed Me

What Feeds Feed Me


2010.04.13_RSS Yeah…I know! The title of this post is a little confusing. The point is that I get a lot of my information from blog feeds, and I keep track of them in Google Reader.

My goal for this post is to share with you my public feeds, especially since when I speak with folks about news and blog feeds as a source of information, I’m often asked which blogs I read. 

So, here are my lists in alphabetical order :

  • Agile Management: These feeds focus on Agile Project Management topics, such as those posted on Fourth Medium and APLN-OC blogs.
  • Creativity: These posts encourage creativity in yourself and others.  The posts are from sites such as TEDTalks and Write Creativity.
  • Education: Given I’m PMP certified (not to mention certifiable), I need to fulfill a minimum number of Professional Development Units (PDUs) each year.  This list contains posts that provide paid and free training to help you earn your PDUs.  Most of the posts are synopsis of webcasts that you can view in your reader or online.
  • Motivational: You may very well be a positive person, but there are times you need a reminder about what to focus on or how to get your groove back.  These sites provide you with posts from Zen Habits to Tim Ferriss’s blog among others that do just that: get your motivated.
  • Personal Finance: Are you curious where to invest your money next, or what are some good personal finance habits? Check out these posts.
  • Product Support Blogs: These are mostly support blogs for Google products like Google Wave, Voice, among others.   There are some exceptions, like RememberTheMilk’s support blog.  Mainly, you read about upcoming changes just as you would in product release notes, except these are a lot more usable.
  • Recreation: What do you do in your time off?  I get some ideas from these guys.
  • Social Media: This is the hot topic of the day…or it was.  In either case, you can read posts by some of the big wigs of the industry like Chris Brogan and Seth Godin.
  • Strategy – Business: Interested in learning about business from the leaders? Who isn’t!  Read posts by a sampling of leaders in this collection.  These posts include employee motivation, sales strategies, and financial how-to’s, among others.
  • Strategy – Technology: So you now know all about your business strategy, but what about the software and hardware aspects?  What business IT strategies should you be concerned about or pursue?  Get a better idea by reading this collection.
  • Technology: Want to know about what’s the buzz on the latest Android phone, social media, or technology in general?  Then you need to start here.

These are lists that I’ll continuously add to and subtract from.  So, keep coming back to get an update…and don’t be surprised to see them change.

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