Delivering Happiness – Book Giveaway
Delivering Happiness – Book Giveaway

Delivering Happiness – Book Giveaway

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[UPDATED 5/13/2010: Number of books and postings requirements changed]
2010.05.04_DeliveringHappiness I recently heard about Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness.  I was very interested in reading it, especially given his success with’s sale to Amazon for $1.2B.  In fact, I reserved my copy on 

While waiting, I heard about an opportunity for bloggers to receive an advance copy of his book to review and promote.  I applied, was approved, and read the book this past weekend.  I’ll be posting my review of it during the week of June 7th, when the book will be released.  So, stay tuned.  (If you’re a blogger and interested in being a part of this review team, please see the book’s promotion site for details.)

In the meantime, I’m offering the readers of this blog an opportunity to win a copy of this book.  I was given an extra copy for this purpose, but I’m taking a lesson from the book and aim to WOW you by making NINE available. 

I’ll ship your copy free of charge, with no shipping costs to you.  So, three lucky people will receive a free copy of their own on the week of book release.  Not bad, eh?

You’re likely asking how you can win a copy.  Here are the UPDATED steps:

  1. Keep doing what you do and read this blog.
  2. Write your comments to any of the new or previous posts.  Post your comments between now and 12:00 AM on June 7th.
  3. If you are promoting your site, such as part of your signature, please keep it brief with just a link to your site.
  4. The top FIVE people with the most comments on the site between now and 12:00 AM on June 7 will receive their free copy of the book.

I will announce the winners in my review of the book, scheduled to be posted during the week of June 7.


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