My Favorite Android Apps – Part 4: Finance
My Favorite Android Apps – Part 4: Finance

My Favorite Android Apps – Part 4: Finance

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Welcome to another edition of My Favorite Google Apps.  This week I’m covering the Finance or Financial related applications.  This is a short list, but as the expression goes, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight,  but the size of the fight in the dog that counts.”


  • Bank of America: This is an app for checking your account balances online, find local branches near you, see recent transactions, and even make online bill payments.  Not bad.  I love the screen transitions as well as how quickly the data loads.
  • Finance:  You can view your stock portfolio and check the financial markets with this, reviewing your tickers.  I mainly use this app for the widgets it provides.  You can place ticker symbols on your phone’s Home screens to view the latest market results without having to load a browser or even launch an app.  The widget acts as a dashboard displaying the latest data.  The only flaw I’ve noticed is the occasional data refresh latency. 
  • pFinance: This is a full suite of applications rolled into one.  You can track your daily expenses, find hot deals on products, get currency exchange rates, calculate tip on your restaurant check, calculate your monthly payments on your new loan, figure out your retirement savings needs, track the performance of your stock portfolio, check the markets’ performance, and read the latest financial news.  Phew.  That’s a lot!!!

What Do You Think?

Do You have any favorite apps, whether on Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Symbian devices?  Why don’t you share them with us below under the Comments section?

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