My Favorite Android Apps – Part 5: Games
My Favorite Android Apps – Part 5: Games

My Favorite Android Apps – Part 5: Games

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This is a continuation of the series on My Favorite Android Apps. I’m covering games in this post.


  • Backgammon: I’m not much of a chess player, but I love the other strategy board game, backgammon.  It brings back a lot of memories from childhood when I’d sit by the fireplace with my parents in cold winter nights as they played this age old game.  This particular rendition on the Android is pleasing to the eye. The paid version allows you to adjust your expertise level as well.  Some of the harder levels are somewhat devilish as the bot seems to get the best rolls.
  • FreeCell:  Among the card games, this is one of my favorite games, along with Klondike below.  They both provide a subtle break when you have just enough brain power to track card locations. 
  • iMobsters: This is a low-graphic multiplayer game that walks you through knocking off other bad guys, looting, stealing…you know, everything that a mobster would do!  Your interaction is pressing buttons, giving commands to completes tasks, or carry out attacks.  There’s no animation. 

    Surprisingly, this game is somewhat addictive, especially once you learn how to use the money you gain from each activity to invest in real estate or just the right amount of equipment to insure your success in other tasks or attacks. 

  • Klondike: Who doesn’t like a good game of Klondike Solitaire?  This is just that.  If you want to avoid the ads that appear in and disappear from the screen, get the paid version.
  • Magic 8-Ball: Just like it’s physical brethren, you can ask a closed-ended question (requires a yes/no response), shake your Android phone, and await the Magic 8-Ball’s response.  It’s a fun distraction to make you realize all those important questions in life can have some really funny responses.
  • Math Workout: This is a brain teaser game.  You take timed algebra quizzes to test your mental acuity. Don’t try this if you’re tired.  You wont’ do so well.  Alternately, try this as part of a drinking game.  You’ll get a barrel of laughs.
  • Real Blackjack: I’m not much of a gambler, but when I used to play in Las Vegas, this was my favorite game.  It’s one where I have fond family memories.  My father, brother and I used to have a system for sitting at the head, middle and end of a table to control some of the outcomes, as much as you can do that in Vegas.  We didn’t get comped, but won enough hands to enjoy the experience every time.  The Android version is a fun game to help me reminisce.  I only wish I could get my brother and dad playing simultaneously with me.
  • Red Poker Club’s Texas Holdem: Red Poker provides a very warm set of graphics and interface to play this fairly new (Texas Holdem) poker game.  You receive additional $1,000 in chips each time you login…and don’t worry, it’s not real money, though you’ll still feel a stab with every hand lost.
  • Soduku Free: A few years back I picked up a Soduku puzzle book at a local Barnes and Noble.  I was hooked, even though I despised word puzzles.  There’s something appealing about math-based games, and Soduku provides you with just that.  I like this free version for those occasions when I’m waiting at the airport or before falling sleep and need a distraction to relax.

What Do You Think?

Do You have any favorite apps, whether on Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Symbian devices?  Why don’t you share them with us below under the Comments section?

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