Mental Break, But Not Dead
Mental Break, But Not Dead

Mental Break, But Not Dead

Random Thoughts

SkeletonNo doubt you’ve noticed, I’ve taken a break from posting to this blog. My posts have become sparse enough that I’m not sure if anyone aside from my wife and friends are reading them!

My company, and my thoughts, have gone through, what Andy Grove called, an “inflection point” and I’m in the process of rethinking priorities.  This means research, business plan revision, idea-rethink, throwing out what didn’t work, and starting anew.  There should be good stories that come out of this.

For now, here’s a list of ideas I’ve been mulling over:

  1. What’s more gratifying: going through the steps of starting something new, or getting to the results? 

    This reminds me of an Oscar Wilde quote, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his own soul?”

  2. Karl Marx WAS wrong: you can’t force communism.  On the other hand, society may end up naturally transitioning to it anyway. 
  3. How absurd that life’s worth is measured by electrons, with little to no weight, that financially outperform treasures kings used to horde.
  4. How come the most spiritually rewarding experiences in life require giving away everything we worked so hard to gain?
  5. My dad was right: nobody’s impossible to reach, at least when it comes to having a genuine conversation with them.  President of a company? Piece of cake.  President of the United States? Tougher, but now only two degrees away – almost there.
  6. What we can learn about how to live life and be resilient from two American Pit Bull Terriers that keep me company at work daily.
  7. Why do some 8 hour days feel like 18 and some 80 hour weeks feel like 8?
  8. How 12 years of snowboarding has taught me a tough day doing what I love is far superior to a great day doing mediocre anything.

Your Thoughts

Feel free to pose your own thoughts and ideas below.

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