Day 3: Uneventful
Day 3: Uneventful

Day 3: Uneventful

Climbing Mount Whitney

Today was uneventful. I traveled to Seattle for work after waking up at 4:30 AM. I was too tired to do anything cardiovascular or otherwise after work. I’d originally planned a core / stomach exercise. Instead, I had dinner with a coworker. I was especially demotivated after seeing what kind of dump I was in (my hotel). I didn’t even feel like taking my socks off in the room, much less workout on any agility or strength training.

What About Other Conditioning?

However, that brings me to a point. Aside from walking twice a week, I’m also working on agility, strength and endurance. I’m following a mostly calisthenics, weight-training, aerobics, and yoga routine from the P90X fame, if you’ve heard of it. Specifically, I’m doing the Lean routine which encompasses the following:

  • Day 1: Core Synergistics
    This is mostly stomach, glutinous, and lower-back routine with some calisthenics (push-ups and sit-ups) to strengthen the core of your body. This is especially helpful for carrying the heavier day-pack or nigh-packs.

  • Day 2: Cardio X
    The workout starts with some yoga, then jumps into Kenpo-style aerobics and finishes with plyometrics or high-impact aerobics. This is all good stuff for aerobics conditioning.

  • Day 3: Shoulders and Arms
    Most of the routines here are with weights. They’re meant as strength training. I enjoy this routine since it focuses on two of my favorite muscle groups: the glamour muscles. I admit though, I can’t imagine the benefit of these muscles for the hike. On the other hand, who wants to look out of proportion with huge legs and no upper body strength?

  • Day 4: Yogo X
    This is a grueling 1.5 hours of yoga of various styles. I write “grueling”, but once I’m done with it, I truly feel at ease. The calmness of mind will come in handy on those long days hiking, helping me turn inward, stop thinking and relax.

  • Day 5: Legs and Back
    Another of my favorite set of muscles. You do a lot of squats with little to no weight and pull-ups. Who needs weights with pull-ups, right? The legs routine will certainly strengthen all the right muscles for the hikes.

  • Day 6: Kenpo X
    Another day of aerobics-style of workouts just insures the lungs are working well. I substitute racquetball or a walk day for this.

Day 7 is off for P90X, but I will either walk that day or play racquetball. The whole routine is designed to get the musculature and cardiovascular strength for making it to the top of Mount Whitney.

Bring it!!!

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