Day 17: Where Does the Time Go
Day 17: Where Does the Time Go

Day 17: Where Does the Time Go

Climbing Mount Whitney

Whoa! Where does the time go?

It’s been over two weeks since I decided to hike Mount Whitney in 2012 and climb it in 2013. I’ve already started a routine to walk two to three times per week, each time trekking 4.5 to 5.5 miles. I’ve also increased the difficulty from no day-pack to one that weighs 13 lbs. to my last week high of 23 lbs. It’s been challenging, but also exciting.

I’ve also convinced a friend, Scot T., to at least workout with me for the next five months before the February deadline for submitting permit applications. I think he’ll do fine and join me for the 2012 hike. He’s not sure he can make it, but I believe with just walking twice a week and working out on weights and cardio on other days, he’ll not only make it, he may even beat me to the summit and back.

Christopher T. has also agreed to hike and climb with us. He’s already a super athlete. He’ll challenge us on the walk. That’s exactly what we need. What’s more he’s a total gear-hear. I love having him join us. Way to go to take the first plunge.

My father-in-law said he’d give it a try once we start climbing the local hills and mountains. He already swims an hour a day. I have no doubt he’ll not only keep up with us, he may even teach us a few tricks. After all, he used to climb mountains to ski down them!!!

That means we have four in our party. We’re only missing one…and the routine hasn’t even started yet!

Any takers for the last position in the 2012 My Rash, Your Rash…no…Our-Rash Mount Whitney Hike Challenge?

What Do You Think?

Do you want to join us? Or do you have some lessons about climbing that you want to share. Feel free to comment below.

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