Time to Rethink
Time to Rethink

Time to Rethink

Random Thoughts

It’s been 20 months since my last post here. I knew it’d been a while, but not this long.  In any case, I’m back on and have learned to communicate in shorter bursts. 

Flicker_KaytHere’s a question: When do you know your stay at a friends house, with family or at work has become stale? When you’ve become comfortable and complacent, losing the appreciation for the hospitality or the opportunity!

A friend once told me the best way to get out of this situation is to deliver a proverbial slap in the face.  This is quite harsh, but the intent is clear and the act is, arguably, necessary. Indeed, the intent is to wake up a person and make him realize he needs to make a change.

But how do you accomplish this without use of brutish or menacing words?

The answer to delivering a wake up call that affects change, but avoids unnecessary pain may take a while.  So, hang tight as I work on that answer over the coming weeks.

Flicker_SergeSaintIn the process, I also plan on sharing with you and working through an idea that has kept me pre-occupied for the past month.  It has to do with what all of have less of toward all big companies and business-people…trust!

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