Challenging the Mundane
Challenging the Mundane

Challenging the Mundane

Today marks the official, public launch of ValTeo Tech, where we challenge the mundane processes that suck the life out of work by providing Digital Transformation and Digital Transaction Management software consulting services and products.

I’ve spent the last two months getting all the preliminary work done for the launch today, including firming up key relationships with some major players in this space. We’ll announce more details on this later in the week on our company blog. Stay tuned.

This is all a culmination of my personal journey in Digital Transaction Management (DTM) over the years. As some of you may already know, I’ve been in the business of software development and consultancy since 1996, and spent time in the Digital Transformation space since 2007, though certainly nobody really called it that back then.

What’s more, I’ve spent the last few years, starting in 2010, working for the Digital Transaction Management company that defined this space, DocuSign, where I managed Professional Services for the North Americas. In that timeframe, I worked with many customers and addressed numerous business challenges. Along the way, I met some great people, made lifelong friends who changed the world by digitizing parts of their businesses!

All of this lead to the formation of ValTeo Tech and why we believe in what we say…

We challenge the mundane processes that suck the life out of work

You know what I’m talking about!

How much time do you and your business lose collecting and keying in the same data into multiple systems?

How excited do you get about walking or even emailing legal contracts, HR Onboarding documents, financial statements, from one person to the next to ensure they all review and sign it? 

Is that why you’re in business? Is that the value your business intended to deliver when it set out to do business?

Of course not!

We help you transform your organizations, connect your applications and fully automate your manual, paper-based processes across your existing and other DTM platforms. We’ll make you digital transformation heros, accelerating your success.

Our journey together starts today…let’s go change the world, break new grounds and make new heros out of you, your team and company!

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