Lessons I’ve Learned So Far Starting ValTeo Tech
Lessons I’ve Learned So Far Starting ValTeo Tech

Lessons I’ve Learned So Far Starting ValTeo Tech

With our recent launch of ValTeo Tech, I realize our startup challenges may not be completely unique, but they are unique to my experience.  Though this is my third company, the last two focused on pure “body-shop” software consulting, taking on any software projects, for one, and a pet-food non-profit company for the other.

This new venture, on the other hand, focuses purely on Digital Transformation and Digital Transaction Management.  It’s quite a lot more differentiated from the other two ventures.  So, it is that I’m facing new and different challenges.

With that in mind, today I begin sharing the lessons I learn, the resources we find most useful, and the tools we use along with the results they deliver.  As is often the case with any education, I know it’s not just the specifics that are important, but the general lessons that are teased out of the many interactions, failures and successes, that have the highest value.

Though I originally wished to also record Best Practices on Digital Transformation here, the ValTeo Tech blog already serves that purpose. So, what I’ll share will be the trials, tribulations, business lessons learned, the defeats, the victories and personal thoughts here.

To make these easier to consume, I’m posting these as webcast videos on YouTube and embedding them here.

Here are the topics I’ll cover in this video:

  • How I approached starting up the company
  • What challenges I foresaw
  • What challenges we hit
  • Where we go next

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