Defining Business Value Can be Difficult
Defining Business Value Can be Difficult

Defining Business Value Can be Difficult

We’ve all heard the importance of delivering value to customers.  But what about during the sales process? In those early talks, how do you portray the value you CAN deliver and also how the value your deliver differentiates you from others?

This is what I’ve been struggling with over the last week as I continued refining our sales process, messaging and presentations.  I’ve been putting together some new material that better portrays ValTeo Tech as the authority on DocuSign implementations. But I don’t think that’s enough.

I originally wanted to demonstrate that our overall experience solving business problems using technology was our differentiating factor, but I soon realized…well, that’s what any and all system integrators will claim. I had to dig deeper and really mirror our niche expertise, where we have significant experience, unparalleled by any other competitor: automating paper-based, manual processes using DocuSign and supporting technologies.

I don’t think even that’s enough since the words don’t quite translate to the actual value received.

In today’s video, I’ll start off by answering a question posed on my YouTube channel from last week’s post, then explain a bit more about how I’m refining this message and what I’m considering to demonstrate the value that we can deliver during an engagement to a customer.  I’ll wrap things up with some other business activity from this past week. Here are the points I’ll hit on:

  • Question from YouTuber: What’s our segmentation
  • What I Learned from a Sales Training Seminar
  • Why a Pure Statement of Value Won’t Work
  • How to Demonstrate Our Value
  • Working Through Large Deals
  • Taking Up Strategic Partnerships with Product Companies

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