The Five Easy Steps to Thought Weed Wacking
The Five Easy Steps to Thought Weed Wacking

The Five Easy Steps to Thought Weed Wacking

I hear from so many people that they’ve seized up, stopped, in complete turmoil and unable to work or do anything in their personal or professional life because of some fear or “what if”.

I get it because I’ve been there.

It’s like a burden of “what if I lose everything?”, “What if I don’t have the skills to get this business off the ground?”

“What if I can’t support my kids…to ensure their financial, emotional, spiritual future…to help put food on the table?”

These are what I call Thought Weeds!

So, today, I’m going to write about the Five Easy Steps to Thought Weed-Wacking.

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So what the heck are Thought Weeds?

They’re all the negative thoughts that slow you down or stop you.

They could come to you because of a comment or something you see in the world.

They touch a nerve or amplify a fear you already have.

You’re unable to get past the thought and focus on what really matters, your family or professional work you need to get done.

You’ve probably experienced this and think, “I should be able to just get past this stuff like a runner jumping over a hurdle, but why can’t I?

You can!

Here are my five easy steps to Thought Weed Wacking that works every time:

  1. Accept: Realize the “what ifs” like “what if I don’t make it?”, “what if I get sued?”, “what if nobody buys my services or products?” are all natural fears that everyone feels.
  2. Shift Your Mind: Shift your mind and think of these thoughts as you do of weeds in your yard. That’s all they are.

    They are the things that suck the energy away from all the other plants…all your other ideas, all your activities that’ll help you work, grow yourself and your business.

  3. Make a Plan: Now, treat them like you do weeds. Find any way to kill them off.

    Remove them, dismiss them, or, best of all, find a way for that particular one or any of its kind to never come back again.

    I do this in a few different ways.

    If it’s a mistake I made, I think of how to avoid that mistake.

    If it’s a fear of what could happen, I think of what its effects could be and how I would react to solve it or get past it.

    Tim Ferris has a great video on Fear Setting that’s to this point.

  4. Treat Immediately: Take your planned tactic and pull out all the weeds in your head right away.

    Get rid of the thoughts by realizing nothing bad has yet happened.

    Tell yourself, “at this very moment, I’m in a great place and know what I have to do to amplify all the good I can do for my business, for my family, for everyone around me.”

  5. Practice, Practice, Practice: To prepare for next time, repeat your tactics in your head and speak it out loud.

    Repeat it until you can breathe easier and feel confident that the thought will never stop you since you know how to deal with it at every instance.

That’s it!

This works for me and everyone I’ve recommended it to.

Give it a try. I have no doubt you’ll get rid of your Thought Weeds and add some much-needed life-lubrication.

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