Elevate the Organism
Elevate the Organism

Elevate the Organism

Today I started the Story Skills Workshop, one of the many workshops that Seth Godin and his team have put together to help us each become more than a single person, to make a difference.

I posted my introduction in the workshop and realized I’ve not shared here what I wrote there.

Here it is:

I came here because I want to become a better human at best, a better business person at least.

I started a freelancer and referral business three years ago around automating contracts and eSigning.

I have a software development and engineering background, can work through technical problems well, but I have trouble telling the story of my customers in a compelling way.

I want to tell their stories so that I can help more people get past their challenges at work and have a more fulfilling life. I want to make the world a better place, one person and company at a time.

I also write a personal and professional blog about uncomplicating business and life. I want to write more often better posts that people can put to use and relate to.

I’ve tried my hands at refining my message and creating these stories, especially after reading Donald Miller’s “Building a Story Brand.” My customer stories and blogs seem contrived, forced, without life.

I want to change that. I want the stories to matter, with anecdotes and ideas people actually use and amplify in their own way, and, on the more selfish front, I want to know that I made a difference, however small it may have been, in elevating the human organism to be more than it is today.

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