What is Project Coalesce?
What is Project Coalesce?

What is Project Coalesce?

When I was in my late teens, working for a very nice man, I got into a political discussion with him. He told me I should never talk to people about their politics, religion or how to raise kids. Fast forward to today, and we’re all now living in a world where we’re exploding at the seams because we’ve forgotten how to talk about those very topics in a constructive way.

Avoiding those topics and conversations is exactly how we got here.

When we’re in person with someone, we avoid those topics. Then we get on social media to talk about our “outrage” about what someone said or did. About our politicians and presidents. About our family members,friends and neighbors.

We’re all outraged all the time.

And we’re tearing apart the very fabric of our relationships and society.

We talk about partisanship as if it’s new, not realizing that what’s new is that we no longer know how to talk to someone we disagree with.

I’m tired of it…not outraged, just tired. I want to stop bickering and do something different. I want to learn to have better conversations.

And I don’t think I’m alone.

I want to bring all of us together on a private, moderated platform, where everyone knows they’re talking to an actual person. It where we learn how to have different conversations…better conversations so that we can become better with our family, friends and neighbors.

So that we can elevate the conversation at the local and national level.

That’s Project Coalesce.

Who’s with me?

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