I am Jack
I am Jack

I am Jack

Who Am I?  That’s a big question. I am a father to my children.  I am a man who wants to change. 

I want to be a better human being than my parents. They weren’t bad, and I want to surpass the good they did for me by doing more for my kids and the people in my immediate surroundings. 

I am a person of charity and would like to use my powers of thinking, all of my talents, to improve myself and the society around me.  

I like leadership roles, but wonder if my attempts to bring activism mentality to business has been fruitful.  I’ve not had a huge success in any businesses…yet!  I keep trying though.  I will get it right eventually!

I’m an entrepreneur, a kickstarter, a bootstrapper.  I’m not afraid of being the small guy who gets things done.

I’m more interested in getting the right things done, than getting them perfect. 

I’m a doer, and one who likes to think about things.  I love many topics and know a little bit about many things that I like applying to improving my life and those of others in my work.

It’s true: I’m Jack…a Jack of all trades!

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