This morning, while doing the usual, asking myself whether I’m ready to die, I realized I’m not. 

I’m certainly ready in the sense that I have nothing that weighs me down. I have regrets, but those regrets inform me on my decisions.  They don’t burden me. 

However, I feel like I have so much more to do. I still want to leave a mark on this life for everyone else who’ll come after me. I want to elevate the world around me.

I feel like I have a calling for a bigger cause that I’ve just not pursued yet.

I like the idea of working to make it easier for people to get higher education. I used to think it’d be great to teach. I enjoy teaching, but more like training sessions, not as a teacher. Instead, I prefer corporate training. 

I like the idea of preparing younger generations for a better future by making access to higher education easier, or somehow changing the educational system to emphasize more creativity in their STEAM education. Education must include creativity and the arts; hence, STEAM, not just STEM. However, I don’t see creativity as something that’s just in the arts, but in all that we do, including how we learn, and the specific subjects like science, math, etc.

Yeah. Education. What can I do with education?

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