Buster’s Farewell
Buster’s Farewell

Buster’s Farewell

We put down Buster, our family cat of almost 18 years, this morning after he was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease and failure. He was diagnosed last week and deteriorated very quickly. 

Overall, he was uncomfortable at first, but we got him fluids and some meds to help through his last few days with us.

He had a few last good days on Monday and Tuesday with us, thanks to various family members taking him out under the sun to enjoy the sounds of the little birds that were hatching in our yard. 

I’m incredibly grateful for friends and family who were a part of his life. It was my college friend and his wife who first gave him a home while I was looking for an apartment all those 18 years ago. But he wasn’t alone in helping Buster.  Many family members and close friends, at one time or another, took care of him too.

He was certainly a feisty cat and one I’ll miss for all of his meowing, asking for food, biting my hand playfully, and beating up on our dogs, letting them know this was HIS house and he gave THEM permission to live here, not the other way around! 😉

One of my close friends, Scot, still has the scar on his hand from Buster’s bite when he took care of Buster some 16 years ago. Or another friend, Charles and his kids, in one of Buster’s rare occurrences of getting friendly, getting him to cozy up to them to get petted and play.

Buster certainly made his presence known. His Dr. said it well when we were putting him down: “He was a big character and it came across no matter where he went.”

All in all, I’m grateful 🙏 to all family and friends who helped me have a great 18 years of adventures, tears, smiles and feistiness with our little rascal. I’ll miss his meows every morning, waking me up and his bite marks on my hand.

Luckily, he left my right forearm with a very long scar, helping me remember our time together and how he took me into his life. He definitely left his mark! 😉😂

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