My Goodbye to Lola
My Goodbye to Lola

My Goodbye to Lola

I’m quite saddened tonight since we had to put down our friend and companion of more than 12 years, Lola. 

She’d not been feeling well, especially the last few weeks, though, arguably, since November when we moved back in after some home construction. She’d been nervous and slowing down a lot. 

But this past weekend she was hardly moving and her mid-section had become bloated. After a trip to the emergency room, we learned she’d had a rupture of a cancerous tumor that was the cause of her internal bleeding and bloating. Unfortunately, there was no cure and not much we could do, other than comfort her. 

We tried to no avail an experimental Chinese remedy to help stop the bleeding. Even though that didn’t work, through some loving care and constant attention, we had two extra, wonderful days with her, when she even got up and went out for a short walk with my wife yesterday, wagging her tail. 

Today, she was in pain and whining, and we noticed by the evening that she could no longer walk. 

Knowing her condition was terminal, we made the decision to put her down. 

She was just a few weeks shy of 13 years old. 

We are so glad she was a part of our life. She was not only the best dog we could have had when we adopted her, she taught us a lot and made us all better humans. I learned patience in teaching, love for the simple things like rolling around on the ground, and enjoying every chance to run and chase when in the park. 

It was very difficult saying goodbye to her tonight. But I know she’ll always be with us since she changed each of our family members in some way.  Not only will we remember her, she’ll live on as a part of each of our changed personalities. 

Goodbye my unconditionally loving, bully-stick chewing, speedy-sprinter friend. I’ll miss you so very much!

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